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This is the other, written by someone else besides the Pearls. Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies orders women to not think of, or take care of their own needs because it might turn them into some sort of sneering egoist, hell bent on only taking care of themselves.The sad fact is that ignoring yourself to take care of everyone else just leads to breakdowns, frustration and other bad consequences.

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It’s been a few weeks since we took a close look at a patented pastor Tim Bayly hissy fit over his ideas of hyper masculinity looks like.

This is much of the same as usual, a list that only a man insecure in his own masculinity, yet desperate to be perceived as masculine might write.

In March, Sarah and Matteo were photographed holding hands during Matteo's birthday party.

Most recently, actress Judy Ann Santos shared a photo of them together with husband Ryan Agoncillo.

It can be a factor in tragedies like that of Andrea Yates, a Quiverfull mother who snapped and killed her children….

When I read Doug Wilson’s spiritual and moral game of Twister on his blog Blog and Mablog I sometimes envy him his blatant stupidity.

In an interview over DZMM published on ABS-CBN, Matteo admitted to calling Sarah "mahal" after Director Wenn Deramas posted the screengrab of the message on his Facebook.

But in recent months, the two have been spotted together.

That’s how eager I was to secure a seat and him (Ely Buendia) just telling that he lost his voice because he had a gig the other night is unfair sa mga nagbayad,” he said.

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