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Insisting that these differences do not matter and are not allowed to matter to potential bed partners and even having classes on how to coerce lesbians into being ok with penis.In sex every preference is ok(barring pedophilia,beastiality, and assault). You should not need to feel pressured to sleep with someone because not doing so makes you transphobic.

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As a rape survivor this can be especially difficult for me.

A rich famous celebrity trans woman who had been a man for so so many years, winning awards, and being respected as a man suddenly becomes a woman and wins a women’s award over women who had far far more right.

I asked why as a woman who was born with woman parts it is now considered transphobic to want to have conversations about the distinct and unquestionable differences in life experience between cis and trans women.

And I was immediately threatened, labeled as transphobic, and left to feel as if my voice was nothing. Angry because now even questioning these issues is seen as an act of hate, discrimination, or intolerance.

So, why is it almost always ascribed to women, and why that word?

I asked my 21-year-old friend what he thought an intimidating woman was, and he said that an intimidating woman was “masculine”. He did qualify this statement by saying he was speaking of Western society generally, and he thinks it is wrong that there’s an engrained notion in Western men that men should be in charge – but nevertheless, he said it.Angry because wanting to have open conversations is now considered hate speech.I am angry that as a woman who has constantly had to be careful of my language and behavior around men to ensure my own safety, I am now being forced to police my language even more, around and for trans women who had entirely different experiences and anatomy.But they fear expressing this because the moment you try, you are spewed insults.These are just few examples that you find on any and every forum dealing with transgender rights.He said that women intimidate because they exude a type of masculinity. They have a strong aura of confidence, and that, in a way, makes them “scary” to him.

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