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Strict rules for men, women The show is playful (listen for the strains of the “Dating Game” theme song) but not frivolous, said Jody Sheff, executive producer for Thirteen/WNET New York.“If you were a woman or a man in the early 19th century, who you married and how you married was going to determine your entire life,” Sheff said.

One newspaper cover from Vermont’s Rutland Herald published in 1945 announced that Adolf Hitler had died. Kennedy accompanied a story about his assassination in Dallas, Texas, donned the front page of a 1963 Sacramento Bee paper.

“I’ve never seen documents this old involved in an investigation,” said Sgt. “The detective (for this case) said, ‘I really have to make every effort to get this stuff back to these people and not just store it in an evidence room.’ The documents were uncovered during a theft investigation by the department’s property crime team, who served a search warrant for the storage unit last month, Hampton said.

It is created by placing the sitter between two mirrors which are angled to produce four reflections of the subject.

As it exposed a person's face from every angle, the photo-multigraph was touted as a system which would enable the person to see themselves as others see them.

On Thursday, the department took to social media to spread word of the memorabilia in hopes of reconnecting the stolen property with the rightful owner.

Many of the letters were exchanged between Ada and Mortimer Hall, possibly a married couple or relatives, Hampton said.This could help solve the world's plastic pollution crisis!Sci-Fi Now: Google Assistant Makes a Reservation by Phone!"Andean Architecture" - The Style That’s Sweeping Bolivia In El Alto, Bolivia- the fastest growing city in the world in recent years - there's a real architectural revolution happening that you have to see to believe!These Images Are Among the Most Powerful Ever Seen Images can provoke great thought and institute great changes through their power, and these 10 are no exception. 2016 Was a Great Year for Photos: Here Are 25 of the Best This year has provided some incredible moments and it's very hard to choose the best.These photos dating back to the late 1800s were collected by Connecticut College art history and anthrolopology professor Christopher B.

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