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During a past appearance on PEOPLE Now, she talked about loving her life as a single woman.

“I actually didn’t know how independent I was, and that’s been really cool [to discover],” she said.

he hasn't been in a relationship/dated after his debut because he's scared it'll be awkward after they break up, he doesn't want to date someone from his university.

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and rumors have been flying about a possible heated romance between the two.

During a scene in which the lovely couple is directed to hug each other, the love seems to reach far beyond when the scene was finished.

Meagher split with Schroeder in August on their anniversary.

She and the radio host dated off and on for four years.

it would also be nice if she had a sense for aesthetics.

interior designs have been catching his eye lately, so he thinks it would be nice to marry someone who's got a great sense for interior designingif he were to go on a date with his girlfriend on a cold fall day, he would go for a drive together since he knows how to drive (on his ideal type) someone with whom he can see eye to eye on their values and worldviews, and he would like it if they were understanding of each other.

I hope that they're someone who match me well.

I like people who look after me like a mother, but at the same time is also like a friend.

his company tells him to date since it will help his acting, but to do it without being caught he dreams of a love where they can make up for where the other is lacking, and make the other a better person when they're together - essentially becoming each other's 'lucky charm'.

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