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If his marriage was a barren desert then that may be understandable, and he certainly has his battle scars that impact his interaction with you (being overly open, earnest, etc)..the problem is that he's not demonstrating any insight about this.

If he were in a better place he might notice that he really wants to touch you but keep it in check.

He wanted to touch your hair because he misses being close to a woman and, sadly, doesn't know how to not be awkward about it.

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The dude is just all over the f-ing place and he seems to be very absorbed with his own wants, needs, fears, etc while being oblivious to yours.

Telling you he has "romantic feelings" for you is overkill on the second date and indicates he's kind of just assuming you feel the same, or want a relationship with him; it's like it's not occurring to him that you're basically seeing him as an attractive stranger who you might like to get to know better by going on some more dates. Doesn't bode well, but it can't hurt to go on another date while keeping your own boundaries up; he seems to lack them at this point.

The weirdest part is the wanting to touch your hair and your hand.

Are you the first woman besides his wife that he's touched in 25 years?

And then proceeds to talk about his marriage a bit, which I did not ask him about, and in fact, stopped him during, and told him again that it was OK, we were just seeing each other, 2 dates was way to early to worry about commitment, and we may not even like each other after a few more dates.

He then tells me that he doesn't want to be a player, or get friend-zoned, because he has romantic feelings towards me, but he doesn't want to rush into anything, but is open to falling in love and marrying again.I do not have a problem with someone separated for 11 months dating (providing they are really separated).Also it may be appropriate to talk about what you want early on, like back in my dating days, I would say I am looking to start a family..that is more in the line of personal goals. During the post-first-date week, he asks to meet up spontaneously 3 different times, none of which I am free for (and I told him when we planned the first date, that there were only 2 nights that week that would work).Again, he reiterates that he doesn't want to get friend-zoned, and has romantic feelings towards me.I say um, OK, and then we are sitting in a well-lit pub, surrounded by people, while he is petting my hair. I think he knew it, too, because his communications slowed drastically for several days after the date, but then he got in touch yesterday asking about the date I already agreed to (before the last one got weird) which is scheduled for Monday.

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